Food Menu
Food Menu
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[eltd_restaurant_menu][eltd_restaurant_item title=”CÔTES DE PORC – PORK RIBS” trending_item=”yes” currency=”N” price=”25,969″ show_item_image=”yes” item_image=”8881″ description=”FULL RACK OF TENDER PORK BABY BACK RIBS, IN-HOUSE SMOKEY BBQ FRIZZLED ONIONS, SERVED WITH (OPTIONAL SIDES)”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”SAUMON GRILLÉ – GRILLED SALMON” trending_item=”yes” currency=”N” price=”29,892″ show_item_image=”yes” item_image=”8881″ description=”250G GRILLED SALMON TOPPED WITH BELL PEPPER SAUCE SERVED WITH RICE AND SEASONAL EXOTIC VEGGIES”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”FILET MIGNON – FILET MIGNON” trending_item=”yes” currency=”N” price=”28,014″ show_item_image=”yes” item_image=”8881″ description=”300G SLICED FILLET MIGNON WITH SAUTEED VEGETABLES, MUSHROOM SAUCE AND (OPTIONAL SIDES)”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”JARRET D’AGNEAU BRAISE – BRAISED LAMB SHANK” trending_item=”yes” currency=”N” price=”26,907″ show_item_image=”yes” item_image=”8881″ description=”TENDER FALL OFF THE BONE LAMB SHANK, BRAISED IN A LUXURIOUS RED WINE GRAVY SERVED WITH FLUFFY BASMATI DILL RICE AND A SIDE OF ROASTED TOMATO SAUCE”][/eltd_restaurant_menu]
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(Comes with your choice of English Breakfast Tea or Americano)

[eltd_restaurant_menu][eltd_restaurant_item title=”GUAFRE ET POULET CROUSTILLANT – WAFFLE & CRISPY CHICKEN” trending_item=”yes” currency=”N” price=”7,500″ show_item_image=”yes” item_image=”8881″ description=”FLUFFY BROWN WAFFLE, CRISPY CORNFLAKE CHICKEN, EGGS (SUNY SIDE OR SCRAMBLED) SEASOONED FRUITS, MAPLE SYRUP AND CREAM”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”PAIN PEDRU BRIOCHE – BRIOCHE FRENCH TOAST” trending_item=”yes” currency=”N” price=”7,800″ show_item_image=”yes” item_image=”8881″ description=”THE PERFECT FRENCH TOAST WITH BRIOCHE BREAD IN MILKY EGG MIX, BERRIES, CREAM AND SYRUP.”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”OEUF BROUILLÉ – SCRAMBLED EGG” currency=”N” price=”7,300″ show_item_image=”no” description=”SCRAMBLED EGG ON TOAST, CRISPY BACON AND SAUSAGES, MIXED GREENS, BAKED BEANS.”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”OEUF BENEDICTINE – EGG BENEDICT” currency=”N” price=”6,900″ show_item_image=”no” description=”POACHED EGGS, CRISPY BACON, MIXED GREENS WITH HOLLANDAISE SAUCE AND FRESHLY BAKED ENGLISH MUFFIN.”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”PETIT DÉJEUNER ANGLAIS – ENGLISH BREAKFAST” currency=”N” price=”7,945″ show_item_image=”no” description=”BUTTERED TOAST WITH A SLIDE OF BACON, BAKED BEANS, AVOCADO PUREE, SAUSAGE AND GRILLED CHERRIES.”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”LA GAUFR ROUGE – THE VELVET WAFFLE” currency=”N” price=”7,300″ show_item_image=”no” description=”CHEDDAR CHEESE WAFFLES, CRISPY BACON SUNNY SIDE EGGS (OPTIONAL), IN-HOUSE INFUSED CRÈME.”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”CREPES CLASSIQUE – CLASSIQUE PANCAKES” currency=”N” price=”7,300″ show_item_image=”no” description=”PANCAKES SERVED WITH BERRIES AND STRAWBERRIES, CHOCOLATE AND MAPLE SYRUP, CRISPY BACON TOPPINGS.”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”CREPES AUX NOIX DE CAJOU – CASHEW PANCAKES” currency=”N” price=”7,300″ show_item_image=”no” description=”FLUFFY PANCAKES AND CASHEW BUTTER, STRAWBERRIES, CHOCOLATE MAPLE, CARAMELIZED BANANAS AND CASHEW INFUSIONS.”][/eltd_restaurant_menu]
[eltd_section_title title_font_weight=”800″ title=”APPETIZERS” title_font_family=”Roboto” title_font_size=”17″]
[eltd_restaurant_menu][eltd_restaurant_item title=”TOMATO BRUSCHETTA – BROCHETTES DE TOMATES” trending_item=”yes” currency=”N” price=”6,500″ show_item_image=”yes” item_image=”8881″ description=”GARLIC OIL, FRESH TOMATO, CHERRY ON A FRESH FLAT TOAST”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”TORTILLA CHIPS – SERVED WITH GUACAMOLE” trending_item=”yes” currency=”N” price=”7,500″ show_item_image=”yes” item_image=”8881″][eltd_restaurant_item title=”HERB CHICKEN BALLS” trending_item=”yes” currency=”N” price=”8,500″ show_item_image=”yes” item_image=”8881″ description=”TENDER FRESH HERBS, GARLIC CHICKENBALLS, SERVED WITH A DELICIOUS LEMON GARLIC BUTTER SAUCE”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”AVOCADO CUCUMBER SHRIMPS APPETIZERS” trending_item=”yes” currency=”N” price=”8,800″ show_item_image=”yes” item_image=”8881″ description=”HERB TOSSED SHRIMPS ON A BED OF LETTUCE, CUCUMBER AND AVOCADO”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”PRAWNS TEMPURA” trending_item=”yes” currency=”N” price=”8,500″ show_item_image=”yes” item_image=”8881″][/eltd_restaurant_menu][eltd_restaurant_menu][eltd_restaurant_item title=”VIANDE DE CHÈVRE ÉPICÉE – SPICY SMOKED GOATMEAT” currency=”N” price=”10,500″ show_item_image=”no”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”PLATEAU SPECIALE – SEE LAGOS PLATTER” currency=”N” price=”23,500″ show_item_image=”no” description=”A MEDLLEY PLATTER OF PINEAPPLE AND BOURBON CHICKEN WINGS, CRISPY FISH FINGERS, SPICY BEEF BROUCHETTES, SAUTEE GIZZARD, IN HOUSE ROLLS AND SWEET POTATO FRIES”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”AILES DE POULET AVEC ANANAS WHISKEY – CHILLI PINEAPPLE & BOURBON WINGS” currency=”N” price=”7,500″ show_item_image=”no” description=”A DUO OF PINEAPPLE INFUSED CHICKEN WINGS, BOURBON DROPS & CHILLI COMPOTE”][/eltd_restaurant_menu]
[eltd_section_title title_h_element=”h4″ title_font_weight=”800″ title_font_family=”roboto” title_font_size=”17″ title=”STARTERS (SOUPES-SOUPS)”]
[eltd_restaurant_menu][eltd_restaurant_item title=”CRÈME DE POULET SOUPE – CREAM OF CHICKEN SOUP” currency=”N” price=”6,000″ show_item_image=”no” description=”CHICKEN STRIPS, CORN PASTE, GARLIC AND BEEF, WHITE PEPPER DUST AND CHEF CRÈME.”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”CRÈME DE CHAMPINONGS – CREAM OF MUSHROOM SOUP” currency=”N” price=”5,500″ show_item_image=”no” description=”SAUTEED MUSHROOMS, ROSEMARY, GARLIC AND FRESH CREAM.”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”SOUPES AUX FRUITS DE MER – SEAFOOD SOUP” currency=”N” price=”7,500″ show_item_image=”no” description=”A MEDLEY OF FILLET FISH, CALAMARI, SHRIMPS, SEA CREAM.”][/eltd_restaurant_menu]
[eltd_section_title title_h_element=”h4″ title_font_weight=”800″ title=”SANDWICHES AND BURGERS” title_font_family=”Roboto” title_font_size=”17″]
[eltd_restaurant_menu][eltd_restaurant_item title=”WRAP AU POULET GRILLÉ ET LÉGUMES – GRILLED CHICKEN & VEGGIES WRAP” trending_item=”yes” currency=”N” price=”9,000″ show_item_image=”yes” item_image=”8881″ description=”VEGETABLES WRAPPED WITH GRILLED CHICKEN AND BACON, TOPPED WITH MOZZERALLA CHEESE SERVED WITH HONEY MUSTARD DIP”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”BURRITO CLASSIQUE – CLASSIC BURRITO” trending_item=”yes” currency=”N” price=”9,100″ show_item_image=”yes” item_image=”8881″ description=”⦁ DICED POTATO WRAPPED WITH MINCED MEAT, BLACK BEANS, CRISPY TURKEY HAM AND TOPPED WITH EMMENTAL CHEESE SERVED WITH TORTILLA CHIPS AND A SIDE OF SPICY MAYO”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”SANDWICH AU STEAK – STEAK SANDWICH” trending_item=”yes” currency=”N” price=”8,900″ show_item_image=”yes” item_image=”8881″ description=”SAUTEED STEAK FLAKES, FRESH TOAST, CARAMELIZED ONIONS, HERB-MAYO AND GRILLED BELL PEPPER WITH GREENS OR FRIES.”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”PLATEAU DU CLUB SANDWICH – SEE CLUB SANDWICH” currency=”N” price=”8,900″ show_item_image=”no” description=”A TRIO OF FRESH BAKED BREAD, CHICKEN PESTO, CHEDDAR CHEESE, EGGS, CRISPY BACON AND CAJUN FRIES.”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”PANINI AUX FRUITS DE MER – SEAFOOD PANINI” currency=”N” price=”9,500″ show_item_image=”no” description=”MEDIUM FOOD PANINI, PESTO, BUTTER AND WINE SEARED PESTO PRAWNS, MOZZARELLA AND CHEFS SPECIAL RELISH.”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”PANINI DE POULET – CHICKEN PESTO PANINI” currency=”N” price=”8,500″ show_item_image=”no” description=”MEDIUM FOOD PANINI, GRILL CHICKEN, BUTTER AND WINE SEARED PESTO, MOZZARELLA AND CHEFS SPECIAL RELISH.”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”QUESADILLAS AU POULETS – CHICKEN QUESIDILAS” currency=”N” price=”8,690″ show_item_image=”no” description=”SEARED CHICKEN STRIPS, CAPSICUM PEPPERS, CHILLI MUSTARD AND HONEY, MOZARELLA CHEESE, SALSA AND GUACAMOLE.”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”BURGER DE POULET – CHICKEN BURGER” currency=”N” price=”9,200″ show_item_image=”no” description=”MINCED CHICKEN PATTY, CHEDDAR CHEESE, CARROT AND ONIONS STRIP, CAJUN FRIES (OPTIONAL) AND CHEF RELISH.”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”BURGER DE BOEUF – GRILLED BEEF BURGER” currency=”N” price=”9,200″ show_item_image=”no” description=”GROUND BEEF PATTY, CHEDDAR CHEESE, SAUTEED TOMATOES AND ONIONS, CABBAGE SLAW, CAJUN FRIES (OPTIONAL).”][/eltd_restaurant_menu]
[eltd_section_title title_font_weight=”800″ subtitle=”SALADES – SALADS” title=”ASSIETTES FROIDES – COLD PLATES” title_font_family=”Roboto” title_font_size=”17″]
[eltd_restaurant_menu][eltd_restaurant_item title=”SALAD DE KALE – KALE SALAD” currency=”N” price=”12,500″ show_item_image=”yes” item_image=”8881″ description=”CRYSPY FRESH GARDEN KALE, OLIVE OIL, PARMESAN CHEESE, SLICED ALMOND, DRIED CRANBERRIES, CHERRY TOMATO”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”SALAD DE POULET – CHICKEN SALAD” currency=”N” price=”11,000″ show_item_image=”no” description=”GRILLED CHICKEN, CABBAGE, ROMAINE LETTUCE, FRESH TOMATOES, OLIVE, SWEET CORN, CHEFS DRESSING.”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”SALADE CEASAR CLASSIQUE – CEASAR SALAD” currency=”N” price=”11,000″ show_item_image=”no” description=”ICEBERG LETTUCE, CAYENNE CROUTONS, PERMESAN CHEESE, CHICKEN AND SHRIMP GARNISH.”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”SALAD NICIOSE” currency=”N” price=”11,200″ show_item_image=”no” description=”FRESH GREENS, FRESH FARM EGGS, STEAMED POTATO, TUNA AND LEMON OIL DRESSING.”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”QUINOA SALAD – SALADE DE QUINOA” currency=”N” price=”13,500″ show_item_image=”no” description=”STEAMED QUINOA, CITRUS AVOCADO, MINT LEAVES, CHERRY TOMATOES, BABY SPINACH, AND WILD BALSAMIC.”][/eltd_restaurant_menu]
[eltd_section_title title_h_element=”h4″ title_font_weight=”800″ subtitle=”ENTREES PASTA” title=”MAINS” title_font_family=”Roboto” title_font_size=”17″]
[eltd_restaurant_menu][eltd_restaurant_item title=”LINGUINE A LA BOLOGNASE – LINGUINE BOLOGNAISE” currency=”N” price=”12,500″ show_item_image=”no” description=”BOLOGNAISE STYLE GROUND BEEF, OREGANO AND THYME OIL, CARROT AND ONIONS SHAVINGS, CHEDDAR FLAKES.”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”ALFREDO SEA FOOD TAGLIATELLE” currency=”N” price=”14,500″ show_item_image=”no” description=”SAUTEED PRAWNS AND SHRIMPS, FRESH CRÈME, BLACK PEPPER DUST, GARLIC BUTTER, TAGLIATELLE”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”PESTO FUSILLI – FUSILLI PESTO” currency=”N” price=”11,800″ show_item_image=”no” description=”BASIL AND GARLIC BEEF STRIPS, OLIVE OIL, FUSILLI, PARSLEY PETALS AND CHEDDAR FLAKES”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”TOMATES ET BASE LINGUINE – LINGUINE IN TOMATO BASE WITH CHICKEN” currency=”N” price=”13,750″ show_item_image=”no” description=”COOK TO PERFECTION LINGUINE PASTA DOUSED IN ROAST TOMATOES SAUCE, OREGANO, BASIL AND CHEDDAR FLAKES WITH GRILLED CHICKEN.”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”FRUITS DE MER – SEA FOOD GRILLADES DE CREVETTES JUMBO” currency=”N” price=”17,550″ show_item_image=”no” description=”JUMBO PRAWNS, GINGER AND GARLIC MARINADE, SOY WATER (OPTIONAL SIDES)”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”POISSON EN PAPILLOTE – PAPILLOTE FISH” currency=”N” price=”14,950″ show_item_image=”no” description=”STEAMED WRAPPED GRILLED CROAKER, POTATOES, BRANCHED BROCOLLI AND CARROT BED, OREGANO, ROSEMARY OIL AND BEURE BLANC SAUCE.”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”CREVETTE DE TERIYAKI – TERIYAKI PRAWNS” currency=”N” price=”17,550″ show_item_image=”no” description=”SKEWED PRAWNS DOUSED IN LIGHT SOY, RICE WINE, LOCAL HONEY AND – CARAMILISED ONIONS (OPTIONAL SIDES)”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”PLATEAU FONDUE – SEE HOT POT” currency=”N” price=”14,550″ show_item_image=”no” description=”LOCALLY SEASONED DRY FISH, NATIVE SPICE SERVED WITH WHITE RICE”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”FILETS DE POISSON GRILLES – GRILLED FILET FISH” currency=”N” price=”14,550″ show_item_image=”no” description=”BASIL GARLIC BAKED BONELESS FISH FILETS SERVED WITH CREAMY MASHED POTATO AND A SIDE OF TARTAR SAUCE”][/eltd_restaurant_menu]
[eltd_section_title title_h_element=”h4″ title_font_weight=”800″ title=”MEATS” title_font_family=”Roboto” title_font_size=”17″]
[eltd_restaurant_menu][eltd_restaurant_item title=”JARRET AGNEAU BRAISE – BRAISED LAMB SHANK” trending_item=”yes” currency=”N” price=”26,907″ show_item_image=”yes” item_image=”8881″ description=”TENDER FALL OFF THE BONE LAMB SHANK, BRAISED IN A LUXURIOUS RED WINE GRAVY SERVED WITH FLUFFY BASMATI DILL RICE AND A SIDE OF ROASTED TOMATO SAUCE”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”STEAK DE CTE – RIB EYE STEAK” currency=”N” price=”22,950″ show_item_image=”no” description=”350G PREMIUM SA RIB EYE STEAK, SCENT LEAF AND THYME OIL, PAN FRIED BUTTER POTATOES SAUTEED GREENS (OPTIONAL SIDES).”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”CÔTES DE PORC – PORK CHOPS” currency=”N” price=”17,700″ show_item_image=”no” description=”250G PORK CHOP CHEFS’ SWEET CHILLI, FRIZZLED ONIONS (OPTIONAL SIDES)”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”CÔTELETTES D’ AGNEAU – LAMB CHOPS” currency=”N” price=”23,298″ show_item_image=”no” description=”420G JUICY PREMIUM SA LAMB MARINATED IN GARLIC AND SAVIGNON BLANC, BUTTER, ROSEMARY AND LOCAL INFUSIONS (OPTIONAL SIDES)”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”POULET GRILLE SPICE – SPICY GRILLED CHICKEN THIGHS” currency=”N” price=”13,550″ show_item_image=”no” description=”CHEF STYLE GRILLED CHICKEN IN-HOUSE INFUSIONS, (OPTIONAL SIDES)”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”POULET JERK – JERK CHICKEN” currency=”N” price=”13,550″ show_item_image=”no” description=”SLOW GRILLED CHICKEN THIGHS, RUM AND NUTMEG, CINNAMON DUSTS, JAMAICAN LOCAL INFUSION (OPTIONAL SIDE)”][/eltd_restaurant_menu]
[eltd_section_title title_font_weight=”800″ title=”SEE SIDES” title_font_family=”Roboto” title_font_size=”17″]
[eltd_restaurant_menu][eltd_restaurant_item title=”RIZ A LA NOIX DE COCO – TURMERIC AND COCONUT RICE” currency=”N” price=”3,000″ show_item_image=”no”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”RIZ BLANC – BRAISED RICE” currency=”N” price=”3,000″ show_item_image=”no”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”DU RIZ SPECIALE – SEE SPECIAL RICE” currency=”N” price=”3,000″ show_item_image=”no”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”BAKED POTATO” currency=”N” price=”3,000″ show_item_image=”no”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”PURÉE – MASHED POTATO” currency=”N” price=”3,000″ show_item_image=”no”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”FRITES – FRENCH FRIES” currency=”N” price=”3,000″ show_item_image=”no”][/eltd_restaurant_menu]
[eltd_section_title title_font_weight=”800″ title=”COMFORT FOOD” title_font_family=”Roboto” title_font_size=”17″]
[eltd_restaurant_menu][eltd_restaurant_item title=”SHEPERD’S PIE” trending_item=”yes” currency=”N” price=”11,900″ show_item_image=”yes” item_image=”8881″ description=”OUR COMFORTING CASSEROLE OF SAVORY GROUND BEEF STEW, TOPPED WITH A LAYER OF CHEESY MASHED POTATO.”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”LASANGE AU CHEVRE – ASUN LASAGNE” currency=”N” price=”11,900″ show_item_image=”no”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”HERBED MAC N CHEESE” currency=”N” price=”11,500″ show_item_image=”no”][/eltd_restaurant_menu]
[eltd_section_title title_font_weight=”800″ title=”DESSERT” title_font_family=”Roboto” title_font_size=”17″]
[eltd_restaurant_menu][eltd_restaurant_item title=”CHOCOLAT!” currency=”N” price=”6,000″ show_item_image=”no”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”BUTTERSCOTCH TRES LECHES” currency=”N” price=”5,000″ show_item_image=”no”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”CHEESECAKE” currency=”N” price=”6,500″ show_item_image=”no”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”BLACK FOREST GATEAUX” currency=”N” price=”5,000″ show_item_image=”no”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”SEE SLICE” currency=”N” price=”6,000″ show_item_image=”no”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”OREOS CHEESECAKE” currency=”N” price=”6,500″ show_item_image=”no”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”WAFFLE & ICE CREAM” currency=”N” price=”6,500″ show_item_image=”no”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”LAVA CAKE & VANILLA ICE CREAM” currency=”N” price=”6,500″ show_item_image=”no”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”APPLE CRUMBLE & ICE CREAM” currency=”N” price=”6,500″ show_item_image=”no”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”CHOCOLATE CHEESECAKE” currency=”N” price=”6,000″ show_item_image=”no”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”BANANA & APPLE CUPCAKE” currency=”N” price=”950″ show_item_image=”no”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”CUPCAKE” currency=”N” price=”950″ show_item_image=”no”][eltd_restaurant_item title=”MUFFIN” currency=”N” price=”1,500″ show_item_image=”no”][/eltd_restaurant_menu]